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Palau and Peleliu Islands in the South Pacific   


Battle of Palau. November 1944. 

Offensive Battle in the South Pacific. 


Search and discovery of American aircraft lost during the Palau Aerial Campaign.

Corsair Crash Site

A Scott Foundation board member and team member at the crash site of a recovered F4U Marine Corsair. 

Jungle Search


Search for remaining missing members of an WWII American Bomber. 

F4U Corsair


Corsair as piloted by Marine Lieutenant and lost over the island of Palau. 

Wil Hylton & Paul Schwimmer


Paul Schwimmer and Wil Hylton, author of the book, "Vanished", which depicts the recovery of an American Bomber recovered on Palau. 

Commemorative Plaque


Commemorative plaque located at the WWII Monument in Washington D.C. 

Flag Folding Ceremony


Traditional flag folding ceremony at a potential Corsair crash site. 

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