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Battle of the Bulge. 1944. European Theater. 


Site of a WWII B-26 American Bomber. Recovery efforts resulted in the return of six American flyers who were interned at Arlington National Cemetery in 2014.  


Paul Schwimmer

A Scott Foundation member and professional land surveyor using his equipment at the site of a B-26 Bomber.   

P-47 Thunderbolt Crash Site


Initial discovery of airplane wreckage which resulted in the recovery of its pilot. 

Surviving German Defenses


Defenses found throughout the Battle of the Bulge area. 

B-26 Crash Site


Careful screening of the debris field.

Aircraft Artifacts


B-26 Bomber artifacts. 

Henri Chapelle Cemetery


A few of the 104,000 Americans buried in Europe at the Henri Chapelle American Military Cemetery.

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