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Educational Aid

A Scott Foundation has invested several projects in the area of education for schools in rural China.  More info

Diaster Relief


From time to time, A Scott Foundation has contributed to relief efforts for natural disasters in China.   More info.

Congenital Heart Disease


For the last 4 years, A Scott Foundation has funded over 34 congenital heart disease surgeries for impoverished rural kids and abandoned orphans.  More info.

Aid for Orphaned Seniors


A Scott Foundation has provided monetary aid, clothing and other resources to orphaned seniors in the rural city of MuQiao.  

More info.


China has experienced tremendous economic growth in the last three decades. While most of this growth occurred in the coastal cities, hundreds of millions of people live in poverty in the rest of the country.
The A. Scott Foundation has implemented select pilot projects that improve the living conditions through the cooperation and teamwork with the local community. Since there are far more people in need of help than our resources can address, our activities and geographic areas are selected on a project-by-project basis.
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