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Bangladesh (educational aid)

The A. Scott Foundation donated funds toward the renovation and rebuild of local school in rural Bangladesh


China (healthcare)

The A. Scott Foundation has directly funded congenital heart surgeries for orphans and children from impoverished families in China. 

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The A. Scott Foundation and its partners launched The African Promise (TAP) in the Yeka Kifle Ketema of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to assist in the growth and personal development of promising young Ethiopians.



College preparation for Hamtramck High School students including ACT preparation, college campus visits and financial aid counseling.

MIA Recovery

We have joined forces with several organization to assist in bringing home MIA soldiers. To date, we have contributed towards the discovery and retrieval of over 50 MIA soliders back to the United States from 6 different regions of the world.

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Toulouse, France


In October 2009, the A. Scott Foundation conducted the program called  l'Hockey Folie in the Mirail district of Toulouse, France. The Mirail is home to Toulouse's largest cités, or public housing complexes, where poverty and unemployment are rampant.

China (educational aid)

The A. Scott Foundation has directly provided financial aid to children in poverty in rural China.  We have also donated funds to purchase educational materials for the school and surrounding community. 

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Bangladesh (economic empowerment)

Working alongside volunteers and local community members, A Scott Foundation implemented economic empowerment projects to help those in severe poverty, that both address the needs of the immediate present and are also self-sustainable in the long-term period.

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