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A Scott Foundation board member and project manager, Paul Schwimmer, seen here at one of the dig sites.    More info.


Recovery of aircraft wreckage on Palau Island. More info.



Discovery of P-47 aircraft crash site.  More info.

MIA Recovery   


MIA Recovery began when A Scott Foundation received information about the vast number of service men and women who went Missing in Action during World War II and have never been returned home.   A team was formed and research began in 2009.

We have joined forces with several organizations, such as History Flight, The National Archives and Joint Prisoners of War, and Missing in Action Accounting Command to assist in bringing home MIA soliers.  To-date, we have contributed towards the discovery and retrieval of over 50 MIA soliders back to the United States from 6 different regions of the world. 
As we continue to do research and make trips to battlefields, our goals are (1) find the lost service people of the United States of America, as well as (2) building positive relationships with likeminded organizations and governments around the world.   Searching for MIA's not only makes it possible for the remains of service people to be brought back to American soil, but also gives families closure after decades of distress.


Continued search for D-Day soliders executed by Nazi SS.  More info.



Pilot project to determine feasibility of continued MIA recovery efforts.  More info.

Wake Island


Pilot Project for determination of continued MIA recoveries.  More info.

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